Immaculate Tool for Recovery of NTBackup File

An in-built utility program called NTBackup is provided by Microsoft in Windows to restore backup files. The Backup files formed by this NTBackup utility are called BKF files. Like the other database files, backup database files (BKF files) can also get corrupted due to many reasons like:

And, in situations when the NTBackup file gets corrupted and damage, recovery of NTBackup file is necessary. There are many ordinary tools to execute the Repair of NTBackup File but, BKF Repair is one immaculate tool for it because this software is enriched with improved technology and the things which should be maintained by a recovery tool to perform a qualitative recovery of NTBackup file are following:

BKF Repair tool maintains all those things which should be there in qualitative recovery of NTBackup file and it can easily perform recovery of XP backup file. This tool offers three different scanning options for BKF recovery i.e. quick scanning for complete recovery in low corruption situation, partial scanning for recovery of particular information from corrupted BKF file, deep scanning for complete recovery in extreme corruption situations and you can comfortably get the solution of the issue, ‘How to recover NTBackup file’ with this tool because it offers very simple steps for recovery process.

Trial Run You can easily take a trial run by downloading the Value Determining Version of BKF Repair software, which is free of cost. This free version is just made to show the performance and quality of the tool and it allows you to read the corrupt BKF file and it provides the preview of content of recovered BKF file but, it doesn’t  allows the saving of the content of recovered BKF file.

Version of Complete Process After taking the trial run, you can purchase the version of complete process. This Full Fledged version can read unlimited corrupt BKF files, it provides the preview of recovered BKF content and it also allows the saving of all the content of recovered BKF file without modifications and alterations. Get Support (24x7) Although, BKF Repair tool is one immaculate solution for the recovery of NTBackup file but, if you still face queries related to the activation of the tool, location of BKF file, size of BKF file, corruption issues, errors etc, then, you can contact our customer care executives (24x7) to get complete solutions of all your queries.